Everything was perfect from Alex the host to Jesse the tour guide. Amazing views,
great food, tasty tequilla. the kids loved the petting zoo and feeding the Monkeys.
The trip was the highlight of our vacation.

Upon arriving at Los Veranos, I was nearly sending myself into a panic attack at
the prospect of zipping through the trees hundreds of feet above the ground. By the
end of our tour, I was wishing for more! The staff is wonderful--funny, encouraging,
and professional. The location is beautiful, and the way the course set up is perfect
to allay the fears of even the most height-averse. The rest of my family (none of
whom shares my fear of heights), also loved the tour. We would definitely go back

Great zip line adventure that is guided by a bunch of guys with a great sense of
humor. This is a must do in Puerto Vallarta. If you have money to spare, the video
made by one of the guides while zipping from tree to tree, is worth getting.

8 of us went off a cruise ship. I researched all of the zip line companies for safety.
This one was rated very high and I would agree. You can see that they spend a lot of
money on their infrastructure. This was reassuring. The safety talk is very funny and
puts you at ease. You start on a low short ride which helps get you comfortable.
Then it is right off on your second ride. No time to think which is perfect. By the time
you have done 2 it is no big deal and you are all smiles. This is probably not the
most adventurous zip line but for a middle aged mother who was taking her two girls
ages 11 and 13 it was perfect. We all had fun and I felt safe. If you get to PV – you
have to do this tour.

My family recently visited Los Veranos during our shore date on a Royal
Caribbean cruise. They were very accommodating (even though I had a mix-up on
the time as PV time is two hours off cruise ship time). We all had a great time and the
staff seemed to really enjoy themselves. Felt very safe and the views were
spectacular! After the zip lines, they have a fantastic area for food, drink and swim
area. Overall, a great adventure!!! Highly recommend!

We had the best time of our lives. We were a little scared at first, but once we got
there, we overcame that quickly. The staff is amazing, very friendly and fun. We felt
very safe and secure. Even went upside down on the longest line (that's how safe i
felt). The guides are the best. They made us feel so at ease, safe and they made it
so much more fun. They had little ones wanting to go upside down and they did (of
course with parents approval). I totally recommend this tour to everyone who wants
to experience the zip lines. We had lunch afterwards at their restaurant and the food
was great!!! Thanks so much to Los Veranos for making the experience
unforgettable!! We will definitely be back when we get back to PV. Thanks!

We did the Los Veranos canopy tour zipline mostly because they would let my
youngest daughter do it. We booked it on our own online instead of through the
cruise line. My youngest daughter was not quite 6 yet. The website said 6 years old,
but I called and they said it was more their height than age and they had to be a
certain height and she was taller than that. There was another girl on the tour about
her size, too. She loved it. All of the other companies wanted the kids to be at least 7
or 8. The morning tours that would pick us up by the cruise dock were full, so we did
an early afternoon tour and took a taxi to the tour office downtown and walked to the
beach nearby for the morning. This was the best beach we went to. It was beautiful.
There were still a lot of vendors, but they were mostly selling food. Lots of things on
sticks. A mango cut to look like a flower on a stick, grilled shrimp or pork on a stick,
etc. We also bought a whole steamed crab from a vendor. We ate lunch from the
vendors on the beach. More people preferred pesos here, though. Farther north we
were able to use dollars without any problems. The kids really liked playing on the
beach. We walked to the tour office and caught the tour. You drive for a while to their
location. The staff was really friendly and helpful. The guides were a lot of fun. They
were really good with the kids. There were a couple of teenagers on our tour who
were really scared. One of them was almost crying before the first zip line. But after a
couple of zip lines, they loved it, too. We got to go on a lot of individual zip lines. On
a couple of the zip lines, a guide would hook my three kids together with a guide in a
chain, which the kids liked. We hiked up between zip lines and then rode down to the
next platform. They criss cross back and forth across a gorge. When we were done,
we could hang out at their restaurant (we were pretty thirsty) and if you bring or wear
a swim suit you can swim in their cool swimming area. It is in the river with all kinds of
natural rock formations to play on. There was even a slide into the water. The kids
loved going into their animal house at no extra cost (except tips). They were able to
feed the squirrel monkeys, hold the iguana and feed some other animal with a long
nose. It was really fun. Their bus drove us wherever we needed to after so they
drove us all the way back to the dock. It saved us the taxi ride, so we gave him a
good tip. It was a great day!
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