By night, Las Caletas is transformed into a magical paradise - and the perfect setting for
our exclusive evening excursion, Rhythms of the Night - an amazing journey that will
transport you to a spiritual land that time forgot. Your adventure begins with a scenic
sunset cruise across Banderas Bay to the isolated cove of Las Caletas

As the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean and darkness descends, you will enjoy a privileged
view of the scattered lights that glitter along Puerto Vallarta's coastline. The lights fade
into darkness, and our voyage continues under the star-studded sky - until a flicker of
torches guide us to the secluded haven of Las Caletas.

Upon arrival, you will feel like you have taken a step back to a time of pagan mysticism
and legend. Flickering torches, gently lapping seas and swaying palms set the mood and
soothing music mingles with the song of the jungle as you follow a torchlit path that leads
you past live portrayals of forgotten rituals and customs.

The enticing aromas of grilled steak, chicken and fish lure you towards secluded
beachside tables bathed in the soft glow of candles where you can enjoy your fill
accompanied by freshly prepared vegetables, salads and handmade tortillas. A dessert
buffet is also included, featuring brownies, pie, a traditional rice pudding dish, and plenty
of fresh cut tropical fruit.

You will savor every moment of this unique dining experience as the ocean laps at your
feet, palms sway overhead, and your waiter silently caters to your every whim. Lingering
over coffee and dessert, the pulsing beat of native drums summon you to our outdoor
amphitheater. Here, hidden at the edge of the tropical jungle a torch-lit pyramid sets the
mood for a mesmerizing performance that will captivate your heart and leave you

In a hypnotic performance that will keep you spellbound, the stories of an ancient
civilization are revealed through music and modern dance as one of Mexico's most
innovative contemporary dance troupes take you on a magical and mystical journey
through time. After the Show, you'll have time to relax before wrapping up a perfect
evening with a nightcap and dancing under the stars on the short cruise back to your
point of departure.

This exclusive excursion is distinctly different from other nightlife activities in Puerto
Vallarta - make your reservations today for an enchanted evening that you will never
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Amount of people
Rythms of the night
Monday-Saturday at 6:30 pm from the Vallarta Adventure Center
in Nuevo Vallarta, or 7:00 pm from the Puerto Vallarta Maritime

Length of Tour: Approximately 5 hours

What's Included: A fantastic sunset cruise, open bar, superb
candelight dinner and a contemporary dance show at the pyramid
We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and bring a light
jacket or sweater with you.
"Rhythms" is a romantic evening specially designed for adults and
couples. Children must be at least 10 years of age to participate. Please click links below for information to help plan Your Puerto Vallarta vacation so contact Us anytime by e-mail