Don't miss out on a boat excursion to Las Caletas Hideway. While on
our 17 day cruise trip, this was one of the highlights. My kids had a
great time snorkeling, kayaking, tubing and swimming in the private
beach spot (a special treat was when the trained sealion came
swiming up behind them as they swam in the water). While the adults
took turns getting outdoor massages - the best we've ever had for
next to nothing in cost. We feasted on an amazing meal that was first
made to an audience so that you could make it again at home. We
ended the day with a nature walk where the kids held birds, owls and
a spider monkey - a photo op at its best. Breakfast on the trip to the
island and cocktails on the trip back to the port made for a wonderful
day adventure. Be sure to purchase the DVD of the was well
worth it for the memories of the day.

I ABSOLUTELY love P.V. I used to have a time-share at the Sheraton
Bouganvilla, but after some hard times I had to let it go. After that I
went back many times, staying at a lot of different hotels. I liked the
Americana, and more recently the Riu Jalisco. That hotel I found
incredible. The food was awesome. I loved the beach-front restaurant.
They never ran out of shrimp...of all kinds! Of course I took a taxi
back to town one day and stayed to enjoy one of my favorite
restaurants, Le Artiste. Its very pricy,but well worth every dollar. I love
EVERYTHING about P.V. I wish I could afford to buy a home there. If I
ever win the lottery.......Enjoy your stay....see and taste
everything....try the Riu Jalisco.

Just got back, no sign of the Flu, and very very safe, we walked
around town day and nite, the people are great, clean and helpful. PV
Adventures tours were great, we took the boat ride to Mariates islands
for snorkling and rode the Mules to Zipline.
They treat you like kings for a very cheap price. Both tours provide
food and the boat ride to Mariatas had an open bar on the way back.
Stay away from the time share sharks and you will have a good time.
Also eat at real Mexican restaraunts like Donia Raquel in central PV if
you want to hang on to little more of your money and eat great real
Mexican food.

Very laid back place, and great weather! Friendly people, awesome
food and nice beach! I'll have to admit, it was more pricy that I thought
it would be, still cheap though. I stayed downtown and loved it!!! Tons
of bars and restaurants to choose from! The women are absolutely

My husband and I married in Puerto Vallarta 5 years ago, as an
anniversary gift we went back on Carnival cruise. We were there only
for a day, but, everything was so beautiful. The friendly people, nice
beaches, and great food at affordable prices. We can wait to be back
for a week stay.

I loved the wonderful resort we stayed at! It's called Paradise Village. I
hated the Grand Mayan! I was Vishously verbaly abused. I suggest to
all people to stay at Paradise Village, not the Grand Mayan. Paradise
Village is great for familys and people alone. The rooms are great,
The sevise is great, the veiw is great, The food is great, Every thing is
just great! I have stayed there six times and had a great time all six

The thing I loved most about Puerto Vallarta was the amazingly
diverse amount of things you can do in the same day....from
snorkeling in the ocean to hiking in hte mountains or shopping in the
market to fishing for a big black marlin....PV has it all..and you can do
all of it with Vallarta Adventures....a gift from god of a company for
those of us ...

Collage Club is the best club I have ever been to. The nights to go
are Tuesday and Friday. The ampitheatre styl building holds over
2000 people and is open until 4:00 in the morning. Tuesday nights is
the foam party and the wet t-shirt contest with tons of prizes to be
won. Everyone dances in the high foam while the dj plays incredible ..

I was lucky enough to make the right choice and did a few tours with
Vallarta Adventures and I have to do them this favor and recommend
them to anyone who is trying to have the vacation fo a lifetime. THEY
ARE AMAZING...Ive never been so happy with a company in my life.. I
was super pesimisitic because they are so large here and I heard they
have thousands of customers a year so I expected an impersional
service and in and out type thing...but not at all..They really care, and
it shows. Their knowledge of the animals and all the little things are
really what make the difference. The guide put it best and
said....that...with other companies...its just a tour...with us....its an
ADVENTURE....we did several things like kayaking, hiking in the
jungle, eat a great lunch, played in a waterfall with the locals...and it
was really cheap...Check out their website...just search Vallarta
Adventures on can thank me later.......

I just read some of the other reviews and they're all right on in each
one's unique way, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents. My wife and I
(and our family as it grew) have been going to PV for almost 25 years.
We recieved a gift from a good friend when we got married to go to
PV to stay at the Sheraton Bouganvilla for three nights. We walked
through the doors, looked at each other and said: "three days?
there's no way we're going home in 3 days". I almost got fired!!! Back
in 1983, the phone system was almost non-existent. We immediately
came back 6 months later, which is when we stumbled on the south
side of town (The Romantic Zone). The beach is called Playa de Los
Muertos (Beach of the dead - a long story) or Playa del Sol. This is
where the true charm of PV comes out. The hotels are nice (too
artificial and pricey), but the true PV experience is on the south end of
town. Find a condo on or near the beach and rent one with a view and
walking distance to the beach. The restaurants are fantastic!!!! Our
favorite is Dacquiri Dicks on the beach but the choices are countless.
Trio is fantastic! Los Arbolitos is true authentic mexican food on the
river Cuale. Las Palomas (on the Malecon) has fantastic breakfast
overlooking the ocean (just across the street). I could go on and on
but you just have to go down and discover it for yourself. While it's not
as inexpensive as it used to be, it's still a bargain compared to Hawaii
and just as pleasant. You'll find us in front of La Palapa or El Dorado
every November.... Come say HI

We love Puerto Vallarta, it has so much old fashioned charm, and it is
where we can really rest after a hectic year! We have a time-share at
the Sheraton and we use it every other year. Every time we do
something different. This time, we went to Mismaloya; it is just a 15'
bus ride from the hotel zone. The water was clear and the food
excellent! We ate at a small restaurant Pelayos (see Brenda's picture)
fish Sarandeado (fresh red snapper) and we were trying to imagine
the filming of the night of the Iguana on that beach. Bougainvilleas
was growing by the steps of Ava Gardner house in the
with no shutters, empty ...sad.
We also went to Punta de Mita (see my picture filming). One hour by
bus. We enjoyed the ride a lot. We saw nice quaint villages, the
jungle, mango trees, the small town of Cruz de Huanacaxtle Beautiful
"azul" water, clear..We ate at the El Anclote, good little restaurant.
Senora Leticia, the owner served us delicious food.

I was put on to this spot through a close friend and I must admit it was
on point and one of the most beautiful places I could have visited and
great brownie points from the female that I brought! lol! But yes If you
ready to get romantic and free and to relax and have a great time this
is your spot!!!!

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