Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta
The Fiesta Americana is a 5 star resort
Immerse yourself in the charm and warmth that have made the Fiesta Americana Puerto
Vallarta a unique destination, and live the experience at one of the best hotels in Puerto
Vallarta. The Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta is situated on the Bahía de Banderas, the
second largest bay in the Pacific Ocean. With contemporary Mexican architecture and
beautiful, recently-modified construction harmonizing perfectly with a landscape flanked
by the mountains of the Western Sierra Madre and Vallarta's most beautiful beach, the
Fiesta Americana invites our guests to enjoy relaxing surroundings like the open-air
lobby palapa, a large waterfall, beautiful rooms, and comfortable suite all in the most
restful and serene atmosphere.

this is the sixth most popular tourist destination worldwide. Puerto Vallarta is a
picturesque, colonial city located by the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the mountains
of the Sierra Madre facing the Banderas Bay coastline, the second largest in North
America. The city has cultural events, exhibitions, beaches, a modern marina and a
cruise ship pier. It also has handicrafts, night life, restaurants, and all kinds of hotels. Its
distinguishing features are the picturesque houses with their reddish tiled roofs that are
now galleries, clothing and handicraft stores, as well as the famous Malecón
(promenade), with its area of bars and night clubs; the Plaza de Las Armas, the Nuestra
Señora de Guadalupe Church and the modern Palacio Municipal.
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Fiesta Americana Traveler Reviews

The Fiesta America is a Excellent hotel, wonderful service and treatment,
congratulations to all who make this possible. Me with my teens I was afraid to go to a
hotel that was not all inclusive (all want), but want to risk seeing that Puerto Vallarta has
good restaurants and wanted to know is why I chose a well located hotel, then the
election was magnificent, almost in front is Plaza Galleries, next to Plaza Peninsula and a
few blocks downtown. The beach is very safe, attention is fast and good, rooms very
comfortable. I loved, as I said has excellent restaurants PV: De Santos for dinner and
glass, Fredys Tucans (center) the best place for breakfast, the best, I can say about La
Bodeguita? I love the rest. El Dorado, rich and excellent view.
The only PV but right now is that the pier is being built and can not go by car, just
walking, but that most of the rest. there are offering discounts on consumption. PV I hope
you enjoy as I did, it's paradise.

Hello. Having just returned from staying at the fiesta americana  I was very satisfied with
all staff and their attention. They were very friendly all (reception, waiters, maids, pool
staff, etc). The  Puerto Vallarta hotel very clean and in excellent condition. The next time
you visit Puerto Vallarta, I will not hesitate staying there again and recommend it widely, it
is always important to feel welcome and a smile. Thank you very much!

Excellent hotel I highly reccomend the fiesta americana the attention from all the staff
are attentive and helpful, great location, best beach of the bay and within walking
distance of shopping and restaurants, many palm trees in the pool area and beach club
holiday entertaining for kids children

Before deciding to choose Your
Puerto Vallarta hotel which really doubt this for the
comments I read here, our experience was different from the hotel is in excellent
condition, the treatment of q I have dedicated staff to make a mention of Mr. Sebastian
bellboy and Ms. Mariana helpful people in the pool and accessible at all times, a lot of
security and attention of all staff. I recommend also the beach is sooo agusto for when
you have kids like the pool. I would also comment that is well located. I hope my
comments because I can help before you go check several hotels and it was not easy to

HOTEL FIESTA AMERICANA PUERTO VALLARTA, recommended at a hotel where guest
service is the first, the waitress, the reception, waiters in the pool first, had a good time,
rest and the kids were great fun, just a short time most enthusiastic animation team that
did participate in more activities, but overall the hotel recomendadisimo.